What I want you to read?

Below I curate the interesting places on the Internet. Secretly it’s a cabinet of things I might what to come back later, disguised as what you should read. Being open.


How we speak: Ludwig Wittgenstein is one of the philosopher, to whom I’ve been able to deeply connect to. How we speak takes us on a (beautiful) journey to understand Wittgenstein and his two famous life work, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and Philosophical Investigations. The later work destroying the former. Go read.


What is Amazon?: One of the first long-form essays I enjoyed throughly. Bezos’s early decision to make everything an API else be fired, led to company to where it is today.

First Follower: Derek Sivers presents a 3 minute read. In 3 minutes, he’ll change how you look at lone nut from a movement.


Relaxed Beliefs Under Psychedelics: One of the best explanations I found on what Psychedelics do to your brain. It relaxes priors on any and everything. Seeing floating objects? Relaxed belief that objects don’t float. Thinking you are happiest person in the world? Relaxed belief that you were a failure. Scott explanation is a must read for anyone trying to understand effect of Psychedelics on human cognition.

Errors in Why We Sleep’: Alexey Guzey spends countless hours debunking numerous scientific errors in Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep”. Before reading this, I highly revered Walker and his thesis in Why we Sleep’. One example, patients with depression frequently benefit from being put on sleep deprivation therapy.